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Customer Experience Training

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Customer service dynamics are changing daily forcing everyone in the organization to become a customer experience representative. We are working with different organizations on customer service training so as to help them to structure their customer service strategy and give the best customer experience. It is becoming more important to train customer service and customer experience periodically because;

✅ Customer experience is becoming increasingly the biggest differentiator in today’s competitive market where price and product are almost the same.

✅ More than 80% of the customers are willing to pay more where they experience a good customer service.

✅ Increasing customer expectations due to free flow of information and raising customer service standards in the industry and global market.

✅ Technological shift making customer to turn to social media and digital market.

At Intouch Training consultants, we design our customer service training programs to reflect real issues affecting your customer retention, KPI’s, online reputation and total revenue from sales.

Investing in Customer service/experience training will have practical benefits to your organization such as increase in revenue in about to two years as a result of customer retention and referrals.

We invest in understanding your internal customers, internal processes which support your customers, the level of digital customer support and overall performance in customer experience for the past few years. This help us in coming up with a more practical program fully customized to fit your current customer needs. We include Socratic methods of learning, video clips, group discussions and skirts to make the training as engaging as possible.


Some of the topics we customize include;
  • Soft skills in customer experience such as verbal and nonverbal communication, attitude, empathy and various etiquettes.
  • Understanding different kinds of customers and strategies to handle each customer individually
  • Crises and customer management
  • Different levels of customer service and strategies to move from one level to another.
  • Possible customer centric strategies and customer advocacy skills
  • After sales services and follow ups
  • Technical skills in customer service