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More about Intouch consultants services

  • Leaders who are looking to improve their skills to lead more effectively
  • An organization looking to have an interactive and fun team building session
  • Employees who are looking for up skilling programs and career growth
  • An organization that wants to improve the communication skills, teamwork, time management, and emotional intelligence of its employees and leaders
  • Pre-retirement planning training for individuals and companies
  • Those looking to improve their customer service and customer experience
  • Organizations seeking to improve the skills of their salespeople
  • Churches and individual groups
  • Schools, teachers, and students
  • Sacco’s and financial institutions
  • Any topic of your choice for a morning talk/training
  • An adventure activity to help the team relax, unwind, and bond
  • Fun team-building activities that are physical but fun and engaging
  • Each activity is followed by a debriefing
  • Booking of team building venues
  • Logistics planning
  • Experienced team-building facilitators
  • Dance, music, Dj, PA, and photography
  • Maintaining customer satisfaction in the face of increasing expectations
  • Changing dynamics in customer service
  • A 21st century approach to selling
  • Strategies for post-covid growth
  • Managing stress and how mental wellness affects performance
  • How to leverage different levels of emotional intelligence to advance in your career
  • A fun way to break up the monotony of daily life
  • Breaking team silos and developing a positive attitude
  • Team support as opposed to team sabotage
  • Ways in which you can gauge your value in a team.
  • A range of methods for measuring team productivity as well as ways to increase self and team motivation.    
  • Ways in which leaders can influence the team to own the brand and maintain positive attitude

Team building venues in  Karen- Team building at Stedmark gardens, Team building at Botanical gardens, Team Building at SOS children’s grounds

Team building venues in  Kiambu road – Team building at evergreen gardens, Team building at Paradise lost, Team building at Elysian Resort,

Team building venues in Limuru – Team building at Jumia Resort, Team building at Thayu Gardens, Team building at Bustani gardens, Team building at Bracken Hurst, Team building at Red Dam Hill, Team building at Sovereign suits  

Team building venues in Thika- Team building at Thika greens, Team building at Taji gardens, Team building at Golden palm, Team building at Sunstar Resort, Team building at Twiga beach resort, Team building Courtesy Beach, Team building at Afro sayari

Team building venues in Machakos- Team building at Lukenya Getaway, Team Building at Lukenya Resort, Team Building at Maanzoni Lodge, Team building at Last village, Team building at Whistling Morans, Team building at Nkasiri adventure park

Team building at Sagana Getaway, Team building at Nokras Riverine, Team Building at Savage wilderness, Team building at Havila Resort, Team Building at Nokras Enkare, Team building at Maya gardens

Team building at Lake Naivasha Resort, Team building at Sawela Lodges, Team Building at Enashipai Resort and spa, Team building at Sweetlake, Team building at Masada hotel, Team Building at Oloiden Camp, Team building at Panorama Resort, Team building at Great Rift Valley Lodge, Team building at Simba Lodge, Team building at Fina Gardens, Team building at Lake Naivasha West Beach Hotel.

Team building at Grand Royal Swiss, Team Building at Ciala Resort

Team building at Diani, Team building at Malindi, Team building at Watamu, Team building at North cost, Team building at South coast, Team building at Travellers Beach, Team building at Sarova Whitesands, Team Building at Swahili Beach, Team building at Bamburi Beach Hotel, Team Building at Kilifi.

We facilitate team building in Amboseli, Team building in Masai Mara, Team building in Samburu.

Team building in Nanyuki – Team building at Maiyan, Team building at Aberdare cottages, Team building at Sweetwaters Serena, Team building at sportsman’s arm Hotel.

Team Building in Nyahururu- Team building at Panari Resort

Team Building in Naromoru – Team building at Naro Moru River Lodge, Team Building at Bantu lodge

Team Building in Nyeri – Team building at Bantu Africa Resort, Team building at FK resort, Team building at Greenhills hotel, Team building at Chaka Ranch, Team Building at Tafaria Castle.

Team building in Embu

Team Building in Meru

At Intouch Training Consultants, we conduct Training Need Analysis through one on one interviews with participants, questionnaires, and pre-training meetings with the organizers to understand the objectives of the training and the team building

We have worked with hundreds of organizations cutting across different areas of the economy. Our clients range from government institutions, manufacturing companies, service industry, NGOs, government organizations, schools, students, churches, financial institutions, Parastatals, County governments, and International organizations

We are a one-stop shop for all your upskilling requirements. Training, Team building, Motivational talks, training venue booking, and organizing all the logistics to make training successful and affordable

We deliver all of our training in a unique way that makes them clear, understandable, and engaging. We invest in knowing our clients to deliver relevant content.

We prepare a report at the end of the training highlighting the areas we covered and areas that need to be covered in the future based on our observation and interaction with the team.

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