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Team Building

Best Services in Team Building in Kenya

A teambuilding exercise brings together teams from different departments to play, interact and learn together in a fun and relaxed environment. At InTouch we design team building activities which are fun, engaging and educative. Our typical team building program includes team building icebreakers, discussion derived from lessons learned from activities, very entertaining activities, cooperative assignments and group brainstorming exercises. We invest in creativity and innovation to ensure we design games specifically to address the needs of our clients. Our team building activities are structured to bring out an experiential mode of training on areas such as:

  • Communication breakdown within departments and individuals
  • Team motivation towards organizational and personal goals
    Conflict management and negotiation skills
  • Time management
  • Emotional intelligence- four dimensions of emotional intelligence
  • Personal and organization balance score card
  • Work life balance and personal growth
  • Team commitment and value creation in a team
  • Reliability vs liability in a team
  • Team support over team sabotage.
  • Aligning teams to strategic goals and strategic plan by teaching alignment nuggets
  • Soft skills
  1. Outdoor team building  

Outdoor team building involves team building exercises outside the workplace. Most of our clients prefer this kind of team building because the team gets a chance to move away from the routine schedule. This allows them to relax and let go. With this team-building, the team can return fully energized and ready to push goals, production, and with a new perspective on the organization, fellow colleagues, and the whole career life.  

Indoor team building  

Indoor meetings can be lengthy and time-consuming, especially when there are no breaks. At Intouch consultants we provide customized games customized to align with the main theme of your indoor meeting. Activities are carried out in an enclosed room and they are structured in such a way that they are engaging, fun and motivating. If you want to spice up your indoor meetings with some team building sessions, contact us today.  

Adventure team building  

This is a team building exercise that is a mix of customized activities and an adventure activity. Working on a challenging project together allows teams to see that they are all in the same boat. Some of the adventure activities include, Mountain hiking, Bike racing, swimming, Zip lining, balling among many others 

 We advise our clients on the leading outdoor team building venues in Kenya in different areas such as  

  • Team building in Sagana 

Nokras Riverine, Sagana Getaway, Maya Gardens, Savange Wilderness, Rapid Camps and Havila Resort are some of the teams building venues in Sagana. Clients get a chance to enjoy the therapeutic nature of the River Sagana as they do their team building. Also, in combination with our team building activities, clients can also enjoy a chance to do other extra activities such as bungee jumping, Water Rafting, zip lining, archery and nature walks along the river. We negotiate on behalf of our clients to ensure they get good day and overnight packages.  

  • Team building in Naivasha  

Lake Naivasha Resort, Sweet Lake, Great Rift Valley lodge, Panorama Resort, Lake Naivasha Country Lodge, Enashipai, Oloiden camp site, Fina Gardens and West Beach Hotel are some Teambuilding venues in Naivasha. Our clients get a chance to enjoy the cool environment and picturesque lake view. We advise our clients on meals, venue options depending on the number of participants, transport logistics and a favorable team building program.  

  • Team building in Nairobi  

At InTouch consultants we advise our clients on the most suitable TEAM BUILDING venues in Nairobi such as Elysian Resort. This includes Team building at paradise lost, Botanical gardens in Langata, Stedmark gardens in Langata, Phoenicia gardens in Kiambu. Team building venues in Nairobi require minimal travel time. This makes them ideal for a team with a busy schedule and those who don’t want to spend a lot of time travelling.  

  • Team building in Machakos  

It is an ideal place for teams that want to do team building outside of Nairobi but not too far from Nairobi. We have a working relationship with hotels such as Lukenya Getaway, Maanzoni Lodge, StoniAthi resort, Lukenya Motorcross and Last Village resort.  

  • Team building in Mount Kenya  

Book with us team building venues in Nyanyuki, Narumoro, Nyahruru and Nyeri. We have worked with hotels such as Outspan hotel, Panari Resort, Tafaria Castle, Sportmans Arm, Abadare cottages, Bantu Lodge and Maiyan in Nyanyuki.   

  • Teambuilding at Amboseli National Park.  

Enjoy our fun customized team building activities at Amboseli National Park. We work with hotels such as Oltukai Lodge, Amboseli Serena Safari lodge, AA lodge Amboseli, Sentrim Amboseli and many more. Amboseli team building offers a suitable combination of adventure team building, indoor team building and outdoor team building. Amboseli is a great place to stay and to enjoy outdoor activities and a game drive.  

  • Team Building at Masai Mara 

Mara Serena Safari Lodge, Mara Leisure Camp, Keekorok Lodge Mara and Ashnil Mara are some of the hotels we have worked with. Therapeutic nature and relaxed environment encourage team bonding and breaking up team silos.

Why work with us on your next teambuilding?

  • We customize all our games to perfectly fit your needs
  • We bring out lessons learned from activities in a humorous but challenging way
  • We make our team building fun and exciting to break down silos and encourage team members to open up.
  • We invest in pre training and post training follow ups to ensure our clients get a Return on their Investment.
  • Our games are comfortable for everyone in the organization, from the most senior to the youngest members.
  • We have qualified and flexible facilitators who are able to gauge the clients and adjust on the ground so as to make the event successful
  • In all our teambuilding sessions, we have debriefs after each activity which relate to the activity done and this helps the team to reflect on their work environment.
  • Our team building programs are experiential, practical and professional.
  • In order to create continuity in the next team building, we provide reports and training notes seven days after the training.
  • We are made up of innovations and this helps us to come with creative, fresh and fun games to ensure our repeat clients gets a memorable experience every time they train with us.