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How staff building and training impact on employee engagement

Employee engagements through team building activities

Only 36% or thereabout of the total number of employees are engaged in a workplace. 51% are disengaged and 13% are fully disengaged (Gallup Report)

This survey was done in the US. Assuming the same survey is to be carried out in Kenya today, how many employees are feeling stressed by their work, their colleagues, and their bosses? How many employees are feeling very dissatisfied with their current job? How many employees are feeling unappreciated and unwanted? 

Having a high number of disengaged employees is as good as pushing a car with rectangular-shaped wheels. The level of negativity which results from disengaged employees do not only affect their performance but also affects the performance of fully engaged employees, the customer service level of the organization, and eventually the books of accounts. 

Generally, an engaged employee will go the extra mile to achieve the objectives of the organization. They will go above and beyond their line of duty to ensure customers, both internal customers and external customers are happy and satisfied. Engaged employees will be solution providers to the organization and they will own their roles, departments, and branches as if they are the owner of the organization. 

Creating a culture that favors employees’ engagement is a process, not an event. It starts with good leadership and trickles down to good organizational culture. A culture of training employees, Periodic Team Building exercises, Employee wellness programs, and “ESC” employees’ social responsibility. 

Let us push numbers with engaged employees. “Don’t touch their hands, touch their hearts.”

Boniface Gituku 

Training Consultants and Team Building Coach 

Intouch Training consultants

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